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This is WeedSmart's Diversity Era.

We recognise that the herbicide-only era is over.
To sustain herbicides into the future, we need to incorporate DIVERSITY into our farming systems. 

Diversity is the tools and tactics that help sustain herbicides. It's using the range of options available. Diversity recognises that the solution to herbicide resistance is not the next herbicide. It recognises that in order to act, we need to be educated. 

We're in the middle of a live round of  Herbicide Resistance 101 which means WeedSmart's Diversity Era is now closed to new members. We'll reopen in June 2016. Sign up below to find out when.



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All about evolution

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At the end of the day, it's about more crop and less weeds.
The greater our understanding of how weeds evolve resistance,
the better chance we have of beating them. 

Peter Newman

Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative

How Does It Work?


Get in on the action.

There's videos, audio, PDF downloads, quizzes and worksheets to help you get the most out of our Herbicide Resistance 101 course. Choose your own level of involvement.

Target site resistance:
- In simple terms
- At the molecular level
- ACCase resistance
- Gene amplification

Non-target site resistance:
- In simple terms
- Metabolic resistance P450 & GST
- Reduced herbicide movement
- Hyper-sensitive source leaf
- How it applies in the field



What you'll get from Herbicide Resistance 101.

- Access to our free course (with 9 videos) that covers the basics of target and non-target site resistance mechanisms, the molecualr biology behind them, plus practical tips to help you tackle these resistance mechanisms in the field. 

Simple, step-by-step instruction from Professor Stephen Powles (AHRI Director), an international authority on herbicide resistance and its management.  

- A summary of all the known info about how weeds resist herbicides.  You could find this out by reading hundreds of scientific papers or you could watch 8 short videos from a world authority on the subject (it's up to you!).



WeedSmart's Diversity Era will reopen to new members in May 2016

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Q: WHy online learning?
A: Australia's a big country and we're a small team! Online learning allows us to reach as many people as possible across the country (and the globe!) and compliments on-the-ground activities. 
It gives you ongoing access to resources. If you take a class in the real world and need a refresher, you'd better hope you took good notes! With online learning, you can access course material from any place (that has an internet connection) at any time. You set your own schedule.  You can study from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. 
Online learning gives us the opportunity to bring you the very best instruction from anywhere in the world. We can eliminate travel expenses, registration costs, and other expenses associated with workshops and in-person meetings #winwin. 
A: Running a course "live" means that content is released week-by-week each Monday over 4 weeks. You'll be going through the course content at the same time as everyone else in the country/world. We'll also send you weekly emails with details of the upcoming week's course material (to keep you on track).

It doesn't mean that you need to be at your computer at a set time. As an example, for the next live round, you'll complete the Week 1 material at any time during the week of March 21, 2016.

Why run the course live? Simply really... human nature! Since it's easy to put things off until we have to do them (which can easily turn into never ever), we decided to give you a friendly little push by running our courses live.

We run 2-3 live rounds every calendar year. 

Q: WHAT does "open for diy" mean?
A: After the live round, we'll reopen the virtual doors to the member's area for people who'd like to go through the course material at their own pace. 
The major differences to the live round are that we don't send you weekly emails, there's no Q&A Forum and no webinars. If you do have Q's about the course material during a DIY period you can always use the "contact us" form in the member's area, or email us at
Q: Is the course material available after the live round?
A: Yes! The course material will never disappear (unless we decide to improve and upgrade it. If we do, we'll always give you plenty of notice!). You'll always have access to the videos, audio recordings, worksheets, and presentation slides (until something better than the internet comes along).
Q: Do i have to sign up at a particular time?
A: If you want to take part in our live round (see explanation above) then you need to sign up by the closing date. The closing date of our next live round is March 17, 2016. 

After the live round, we'll reopen the virtual doors in June for DIY 
(see explanation above).